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Please find below our Terms & Conditions for your convenience.

A printed copy is available upon request.


Cancelations are only accepted in writing at the following email address: 

Retrospective or last-minute cancellations, less then 4 weeks notice prior to the starting date, are non-refundable.

​We will however endeavour to find a solution, within reason, for an alternative date or alternative activity for a similar invoice value.

Day Tours

Full balance is due when booking the service online. Payment is required during the booking process. Accepted payments methods are most credit cards or PayPal. An automatic email will confirm the services and receipt of the paid fee.  Direct Payments on the date of the service are not accepted. Please note, only received monies are eligible for refund which may be subject to financial transaction costs and current exchange variations by any of the payment providers .


  • More than 4 weeks' notice - 100% of the total fee minus a £100 booking fee refunded.

  • Less than 4 week's notice - the total fee is non-refundable. An alternative date for the booked day tour can be agreed upon mutual agreement.

Extended Tours 

If a confirmed booking is cancelled, the following charges, plus any unrecoverable expenditure (e.g. pre-booked hotels, transport, activities or tickets) will apply.  Please note, only received monies are eligible for refund and any financial transaction costs for refunding are deducted from the total eligible refund amount.

  • At any time - A booking fee of 25% of the total booking amount is non-refundable.

  • More than 8 weeks' notice - 100% of the total fee will be refunded, minus the 25% non-refundable booking fee.(*)

  • Less than 8 week's notice - 50% of total fee will be refunded, minus the 25% non-refundable booking fee. (*)

  • Less than 4 week's notice - the total fee is non-refundable and will be invoiced as standard.

(*) In case any payments already made to suppliers can not be recovered, these will then be deducted from the amount to refund.

The Tour Guide or MacWeert is not responsible for cancellations due to unscheduled closures or changes in service by third party suppliers, passengers, or events beyond its control, but will take all possible steps to offer an alternative.


Nor is it liable for any loss, accident, injury or damage to clients and their personal effects.


Nor is the Tour Guide or MacWeert liable for any adverse weather or conditions out of its control that would prevent the normal general intended experience of the activity, but will endeavour to find a mutually agreeable alternative activity.

Our cancellation policy will not be varied to accommodate clients who cancel tours because of conditions prevailing outside the UK. Such costs should be recovered from clients’ Travel Insurance.


We recommend that all clients have suitable travel insurance and medical insurance to cover any losses or related costs that may arise from cancellations.

Insurance & Liabilities

The Tour Guide/MacWeert is covered by personal public liability insurance. Any vehicles used are insured for private hire or hire and reward and they hold the correct licences required by the relevant local public authority.


The Tour Guide or MacWeert are not responsible for the general well-being of the clients during the agreed tours and events. It is up to the client to decide to participate in any events or activities and if they meet their general expectations and safety standards. 

The client is needs to make sure they are of adequate general health to participate in the visits and activities and are dressed for the occasion to participate in the events and activities. For example, when visiting historic sites or walking on trails with slippery or uneven surfaces and stairs or ladders to climb, the client requires to be of general average fitness and wear adequate shoes and clothing. Clients are responsible for any health, allergy or dietary requirements they have.



Children under 17 must be accompanied by a responsible adult during a tour and remain the reasonability of the accompanying adult at all times.  Some activities or sites are not suitable for children and suppliers may refuse entry accordingly.


For example many whisky distilleries do not allow children to participate in the guided tours of the facilities or visit of the shops. Also many food and drink establishments will only allow children enter, unless when consuming a meal at certain times of trading.

Seat Belts and Child Seats

UK law requires seatbelts to be worn by all occupants of a moving vehicle. Clients are responsible for providing an appropriate child car seat for babies and small children. Please provide appropriate child car seats for babies and small children. With advance notice your Driver Guide may be able to supply a suitable child seat at an extra charge.


Extending a tour

If clients wish to extend their tour beyond the agreed booked time, this is normally possible, subject to availability and agreement about the additional expense this will incur. Only written agreements are valid and payments received accordingly by electronic bank transfer or credit card online.


Problems and Complaints

Problems and complaints should be addressed firstly to the organiser in writing. As the organiser operates under the law of the UK, any disputes that cannot be resolved amicably will be subject exclusively to the jurisdiction of UK courts.